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Here you will find the best European tribute band to the most famous rock band in the world, AC/DC

Live acdi best tribute acdc

Tour 2024


 IPPODROMO TREVISO + guest "ENRAGE" Rage Against The Machine                                                        Tribute from U.S.A. !!  


 Al Farco - Tolmezzo (UD)


 Espace Ried Brun - Muntzenheim - FRANCE                             || SUPER SHOW EDITION ||


 Sagra del Toro - Monte di Buja (UD)


 Festa della Birra - Berzo San Fermo (BG)


 CALCINATE ROCK FESTIVAL - Area feste Calcinate (BG)


ALPENWIND Piazza Paradiso - Semonzo del Grappa (TV)


 FESTA delle RANE - Area fiera S. Lucia di Piave (TV)                 || SUPER SHOW EDITION ||


 Formigine Party Village - Via C. Monzani - FORMIGINE (MO)




 The Gammon - Roveredo in Piano (PN)


 Pin Up Pub - Volpago del Montello (TV)


 Birreria ai Trenti - Pove del Grappa  (VI)


The AC/DI project (read: “acid”) is an AC/DC tribute cover band born in  2010. The repertoire contains the most famous and evocative songs of their history, now recognized as global icons of hard rock. Over the course of these years, the project has grown dramatically in popularity and trust, collecting appreciation and acclaim in all the events dedicated to them both for the impressive vocal resemblance to the singer Brian Johnson and for the movements and "look" of the wild Angus ! The scenic impact and the search for the original sound combined with the mammoth scenography worthy of the original AC/DC, have accredited them by the press, professionals, and numerous fans as the best European AC/DC Tribute.

The front line, already solid for several years, is made up of the following musicians: Dario Cisotto (Ciso Rock) - Lead Vocal as Brian Johnson Riccardo Zanette - Lead Guitar as Angus.

CURIOSITIES AND "+ PLUS" OF THE AC/DI PROJECT: For several years AC/DI has been the tribute to AC/DC with the largest Facebook fan page in the world. Live performances have always averaged 80-90 concerts per year, which is a good result for the genre, leading them to perform in over 1000 events around Europe such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia , Slovenia etc...

In December 2015 with the video of the Christmas songJingle Bells remade in an AC/DC style, shot in the studio in a simple and playful way, they reached 85,000 views in the space of a few weeks worldwide. The Official Promo Video published in 2019 currently stands at around 600,000 views worldwide (data from Facebook Insight):SUPER SHOW EDITION TEASER 100% LIVE SOUND 

Their performances are expanding thanks to the Web and the requests are ever-increasing. At the same time, at the end of 2017 the singer of the band(Dario Cisotto - Ciso Rock) is signed by the German AC/DC tribute “Barock”: 20 years of history. Curiosity: among all the participants of various nationalities called up for the selection, there was also an American competitor already auditioned by the original AC/DC in the period in which Brian had to interrupt the tour due to hearing problems. Currently, after having excelled in the selection, the AC/DI front man is also jointly in the German line-up of BAROCK.


WHAT IS THERE ALSO TO KNOW? You won't always find "just" one singer on the AC/DI stage! In fact, since 2016 the group has been offering a further variant with the so-called show“AC/DI deluxe – the story of AC/DC”, a live show in which the glorious history of the Australian band is retraced, divided into periods: 1 - “the Bon Scott era” 2 - “the Brian Johnson era”. For this purpose, given the unique timbres of the two voices, for the interpretation of the part of Bon Scott we will find Matteo Giovannone an absolute double at the microphone! It is no coincidence that he is also often involved internationally (Germany, Russia, Ukraine etc...) in various tributes to AC/DC, always in the role of Bon Scott.

THE PRESENT From 2018 AC/DI offers a Big Show complete with every AC/DC detail, assembling in addition to the famous "Marshall wall", a life-size bell, and smoke cannons for the grand finale to the tune "We salute you!". The professionalism, meticulousness and skill of the musicians give a unique stage performance to the Show supported by the mammoth scenography. The exclusivity of being able to have one or two singers, both recognized internationally as among the best "impersonators" in circulation of Brian Johnson and Bon Scott respectively, make the AC/DI project the most professional, tested and verified offer. , complete and exclusive that currently exists in the field of AC/DC Tribute.



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